Terracotta jug


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Large terracotta water jug designed by Sue Pryke. Slipcast in a small rural factory in Nottinghamshire, using traditional hand processes to make and fire. Glazed inside with a white tin glaze and unglazed outside to contrast the earthy colour of the red clay. Holds just over 3 pints or 1.5 litres. Each piece is individual and hand crafted so small changes in glaze body colour and shape will occur depending where in the kiln the piece was fired.

Sue Pryke: "I wanted to create a my own collection of objects that sit comfortably in the home, that aren't awkward, audacious or tricky to use or care for, but are familiar, have fluency and sit effortlessly. To bring this range together I have collaborated with small factories and studios in England working with traditional craftsmanship, materials and techniques to make high quality products made by hand."

Colour: white tin glaze over red clay

Material: English Terracotta

Size: height 19 cm, diameter 12 cm

Shipping: available from stock

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