Care Instructions

Recycled denim

Your denim throw or cushion cover is easy to care for. Hand wash it in lukewarm water at about 30 degrees with a washing liquid for delicate fabrics. Have you discovered a bad stain, machine wash it on a wool program at max. 30 degrees.

Lay out to dry, on a large towel or hang it folded over a door. Turn it around every now and then for it to dry quicker.


All our linens can be machine-washed. In fact, the more you wash your linen, the more the fibers will soften, making the fabric easier to iron and even more beautiful.

We recommend you wash linen at 40 degrees, and a max. of 60 degrees. To avoid fading of colours please use a detergent without bleach.

Line dry your linen in the shade or tumble dry your linen at low heat. Remove it from the dryer while still slightly damp to avoid to much wrinkling. Tumble drying your linen will give it a softer feel than line drying.

Your linen will fade over time. Avoiding a lot of bright sun will help perserve the colour. 


Hand wash your blanket made of undyed wool with a mild detergent in lukewarm water, or machine wash it on a wool program. Flat dry the blanket on a towel and turn it a few times for it to dry quicker.