Slow living

Inspired by nature we care for what surrounds us. Our designs are made to last, all crafted in Europe with respect for the earth.
Buy less and buy better. Enjoy slow living.

The flax for our linen grows at the Atlantic coast. We use soft, warm wool of Gotland sheep that live in the North of Europe and we recycle denim to make soft cushions and throws. Pure, eco-friendly and beautiful.  
You find our collection online and in special shops around the world. You can also see all our designs in our Studio in Dalfsen, in the Dutch country side.  This is where you can join us for a coffee and have a look in the studio where we make all our bed- and table linen. When you visit us, it’s nice to take a hike at Buitenplaats de Horte, a country estate nearby. In the middle of the forest you will find 't Witte Huis, a historical retreat from 1900 that used to be the pool house of the landlord. Recently we renovated this beautiful house into a home where you can slow down and enjoy nature. See you soon!  



Create - We make all cushions, bed- and table linen by hand in our Studio in Dalfsen. From bespoke quilts to linen napkins, everything is made to order and we can make it exactly how you like it.
Collaborate - In addition to the By Mölle collection we collaborate with artisans and designers to create limited edition designs. A beautiful example of this is the handthrown ceramics collection we designed together with Annemieke Boots. 
Collect - While searching for eco-friendly, natural materials and European craftsmanship we have the pleasure to meet designers and brands that share our slow living ethos. You can find a selection of their products online and in our Studio, all collected By Mölle.


Fine linens 

By Mölle linnen bedding is pre-washed and regulates heat. That's why our linen feels pleasantly cool in the summer and regulates warmth in cold weather. Our linen bedding is very healthy, hypo-allergenic and anti-bacterial. Everything you need for a good night sleep. Over 5000 years ago the Egyptians called linen woven moonlight, because of its natural beauty and softness. We agree!

By Mölle linen is 100% natural. Produced with respect for our earth. We use the best flax that grows in Europe. Linen fabric is made from flax, Linum Usitissimum, a kind of grass that grows on the Atlantic coast. It is the only plant textile fibre that originates from Europe. It can’t be relocated and needs the sea climate and rich soil to grow. Flax doesn’t need any irrigation or pesticides and is a true carbon well. Everything from the flax plant is used; the seeds in bread and for linseed oil, the fibers for linen, ropes, paper and insulation materials.
After harvesting the flax goes to one of the oldest linen weavers in Europe. A traditional company with more than a hundred years of expertise.  The mill takes care of all the stages in the process of creating our linen fabric, from flax to fabric. You see and feel the craftsmanship in our fine woven fabrics in beautiful natural shades. Delightful to sleep under!
By Mölle bedlinen is made to order in any size and all our linen fabric shades, shop the collection.

Recycled denim

“Recycling – to break something down into raw materials that are then used to make new items. Recycling reduces waste, saves energy, and reduces the consumption of raw materials.”

In the Netherlands we throw away 210.000 kilotons textiles every year. We want to change this and give denim a second life by removing zips and buttons and spinning the fibre to a soft, high quality yarn that we use for our recycled denim collection. The pieces are selected by color, reduced to fibers and spun to beautiful yarn that we use for our home textiles. Eco-friendly, a good alternative for cotton and a great way to dress your home.
Discover the Recycled denim collection

Pure wool

Our woolen throws and blankets are pure natural, very warm and timeless. The natural shades of the pure wool are an inspiration for our designs. For our grey throws we use for example the wool of the Gotland sheep, an ancient Nordic breed. The amazingly soft merino wool wraps are woven for us by a traditional Italian wool mill that is located in the mountains near Bergamo. For these wraps we use the finest, Woolmark certified merino wool, guaranteed mueseling free.

Discover the pure wool collection blankets and throws.