Birch Leaf Lino Print gold/white


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This Birch Leaf print is a limited edition lino print by the Danish artist Monika Petersen. Each lino print is printed by hand in Monika Petersens studio in Copenhagen which is why each print will differ slightly in color density. The iconic motif makes it easy to mix and match with your other art prints. Each print is signed and only 200 copies are made. 

Danish artist Monika Petersen studied illustration at St Martins College of Art and Design UK. Following her graduation, she worked in London for several years before returning to Copenhagen where she is now based. Today Monika works as a printmaker. Working on a large printing press she produces open and limited edition Lino Prints depicting large bold shapes like a single gold leaf or poppy.

Size: 50x70cm

One color Lino Print, gold on a white background

Printed on 180 gram white fabriano paper

Shipping: available from stock

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